A  BOND WITH WORDS PARAMITA  SPEAK: (A article by Odisha Post on women days special)

Pararnita Satpathy still remembers idyllic   childhood surrounded by books written by eminent  Odia   novelists and poets • To have noted poet and literary  critic Pratibha Satpathy as a mother was an added advantage.

Several factors are responsible for my growth as a writer. I remember writers such as Gopinath Mohanty, Benapani mohanty, Santanu Acharya. Ramakanta Ratha , Mohapatra Nilamani Sahoo , Prof. Sarat Mohanty visiting our house .We used to have long chat sessions discussing myriad topics.Those were some fun days! It is needless to say that their works have a huge influence on me .

My father Nityananda Satpathy, who is known for his literary critisism, helped me understand and appreciate literature in a better way. But I will always remain indebted to my mother, who has sacrificed a lot in her life. She is my inspiration and guide. Her grasp in Odia literature  amazes me and I still take her advice while writing. She has even christened many of my books. Being literary critic herself, she has always  analyzed my work with great care and detail. Even at this age, She continues to write and recently a collection of her poems was translated into Hindi. Tanmay Dhuli, Nimishe Akshara and Adha Adha Nakshatra are some of my mother's works that I love to read. As a daughter, nothing in this world can make me more proud than watching my mother receive literary awards from the hands of eminent personalities and organizations . I felt honored when I got an opportunity to write about her in the book Dhuliru Nakshatra.

  Even now, she continues to write some the most poignant and thought provoking pieces. She is an ocean of knowledge and i would be extremely grateful if l can achieve a percent of what she has achieved. As for me, writing is my passion and this is just the beginning. I still have a long way to go.


Author, critic, professor ,wife mother and grandmother – Pratibha Satpathy has excelled in all the roles that life offered her. She reminisces about her lyrical voyage and how she made her way to the top.
I feel being the granddaughter of Gopal Chandra Praharaj, renowned lexicographer, words came easily to me. As a child , I used to listen to dance dramas on the radio and picked up new words and idioms from those plays . I had an uncanny knack of playing with words and gradually learnt the trick  of weaving those into poems. Initially, I was little afraid to bring my poetic side to the forefront. But it was during my college days that I gathered courage and published my first poem. It was encouraging when I realized that people enjoyed reading what I wrote. So, I started publishing poems more often. Even my college professors started recognizing me through my poems received   good response. Poetry is my life and soul and I have pledged to continue writing till my last breath.
Being a female writer was not easy during our times. Even though there was no dearth of encouragement from my parents or in-laws, there were times when I had cut down on my writing. Already a professor  and then a mother of four daughters , my hectic schedule did not leave much scope for me to write . But it is  difficult to control one ‘s passion for long . I thank my stars for giving me such encouraging  and understanding daughters. They have been and still are my pillars of strength.

   My poetic genes have passed on to my eldest daughter , Paramita.  I instantly knew that she had the seeds of becoming a good writer. Not only has she won prestigious awards such as Bharatiya  Bhasha Parishad Yuva puraskar, Odia Sahitya Academy Award but also excelled in civil service exams. I feel proud  when people recognize me as the mother of an income tax commissioner. Over the years, Paramita has matured as a writer .Her works such as Bibidha Aswapna, Intimate Pretence are some of my favourites.
  With Paramita, I am more of a friend than a mother to my daughter.  I will treasure and cherish the beautiful moments I shared with my daughter during our several literary awards, the USA  and of course in Bangalor.


They belong to three generations and have had completely different experiences. But  author Pratibha Satpathy, writer and bureaucrat daughter Paramita, and teenager granddaughter Anwesha  believe they are proud of each other.   The Telegraph had  taken these photos and writeings


Pratibha Satpathy, 68, author and mother of four daughters

She wrote a poem On womanhood

Whoever she may be, A mad woman or a slut, Or the Goddess of fulfillment ; God Himself dare not stand by her Side And show her the way ……..
A woman plays so many roles, it is not easy to define her For me, being a daughter. wife mother,teacher and author has been part of womanhood.

Her times

As women, we were barred from certain experience. There was no respect or admiration for creativity. Women writers were not taken seriously. I had to balance between taking care of a joint   family and my job as a lecturer.

Society for women

Going to school was a daunting task then. The family was cautious about sending us to the near by village for education. There were just eight of us girls in the class and one of my friends was raped at the age of 12. It was still as bad.

   But there was also more concern and care from people round you. When   daughters   go out for jobs and education, we are worried. Though I never had a bias for a son or daughter, gender bias was strong then and, despite some changes now, it still exists.

On the new generation

They get much more freedom to explore the world . Their experiences are different from ours. Their food habits are , at times not  that good for health and though I have no complaints with my granddaughters , they are more sensible while   choosing their attire.
Yet, the softness at heart and the care  a  woman   showers   on her loved ones is still the same. 

Paramita Satpathy, 47, author, bureaucrat, mother of a daughter, Anwesha

On Womanhood

Women are self reliant, confident and have strong conviction. At the same time , they strike a balance between duties towards the family and profession.


Society for women

The attitude of society towards woman not only scares and worries me , but also fills me with rage .We tolerate everything , so society has existed this way.
Even I have been discriminated against at school and college for being a women.
When a girls goes out at even 7pm, there are so many questions she has to answer that a boy will never go through. We need more freedom, respect and equality .The society also needs to understand that what a women wears is her wish and she can’t be judged on it.

On older generations

I have been lucky, as I have grown up ground creative people like my grandmother and mother.
I feel the women of my generation need to learn many things from their elders. We can  take their traditional values and leave the conservative ones behind.
We are in substance the same with unconditional feelings, forgiving nature and full of love and understanding